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Sanad POS is made for any type of business. It is a cloud-based POS that has all the tools you need to grow your business faster.

Our Values

Empowering Events Growth with Seamless Transactions

The user oriented philosophy of Sanad POS is based on simplicity and user friendliness. The easy, to use interface and features that are intuitive make it suitable for businesses of any scale ranging from enterprises, to large scale operations. Event Ipad POS places importance on simplicity as it helps boost productivity by allowing businesses to streamline their sales procedures and enhance efficiency.

Our Mission & Vision

Powerful. Optimized. Successful

Our mission is to empower businesses by providing them with transaction management capabilities. We have a vision to become the industry leader, in point of sale solutions offering efficient services.

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"Elevating Sales in Every Industry."

Unlocking sales potential across diverse industries

Book fair POS

At the Book Fair, our Event ipad POS system serves as a tool, for handling transactions empowering vendors and enhancing the experience of browsing books.

Food & Beverage POS

We provide an effortless experience, for customers and restaurant owners with transactions improved order management and delightful satisfaction.

Exhibition Centers POS

The perfect companion, for any event making transactions more efficient handling exhibitors and guaranteeing an experience, for both organizers and attendees.

Food Festival POS

Enjoy a combination of convenience and efficiency specifically crafted to fulfill the desires of both vendors and food enthusiasts making transactions smoother and more satisfying.

Retail POS

Boost your business using our state of the art Retail Point of Sale (POS) system, which enhances sales, inventory management and customer satisfaction for an thriving retail experience.

Formula 1 Arena POS

Creating an experience, for fans and organizers with transactions, efficient concessions and an exciting atmosphere, on race day.

Stadium POS

Ensure efficient transactions, concessions and create an unforgettable atmosphere, for both sports fans and venue operators.

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